Huida's Thermal Expansion Valves Sought-after by Professionals for High Quality

Founded in 1991, Huida International Co., Ltd, is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality thermal expansion valves and air conditioning parts for vehicles.

To expand its business scope and provide satisfactory services, Huida utilizes advanced equipment and robot arms to improve the precision of its products; in addition, the firm uses top-end testing and inspection instruments including several CNC machine tools to assure the highest possible quality. Also notable is that the company has been capable of handling customized orders and working with firms from foreign countries on joint export.

Although being comparatively small in size, Huida has seen its high-quality products and outstanding screw foundry services well-received by Japanese firms, which are known for being fastidious towards quality. With an aim to build a solid ground in overseas markets, Huida has been actively developing new products and participating in international auto parts exhibitions like AMPA held in Taiwan and KOAA held in South Korea.

For more information, please contact Huida at:
Web: http://www.df-huida.com.tw